La Petite cuillère grandit
(Est-Républicain 9 octobre 2009 Article signé Jean-Charles VERGUET)
NANCY .- In a year and a half, the spoon has already made a nice reputation in offering very
Nancy off restoration. At 123 Grand Street, a room with 36 covers welcomes
customers on weekdays. The vault is open evenings on Friday and Saturday, or on request
increasing capacity to 56 seats.
The floor, walls brightened with stones, tables and chairs in solid wood thick
give a special cachet to the place. On white tablecloths, towels are kept
by circles originals: small spoons bent into a loop. The identity is affirmed.
It is the father of the cook who has made them. And he must tackle it fairly often because these rings
towels were so successful that he disappears every week ...
Faustina knife and Bruno Muller's own funds. She is in her room and kitchen.
They use the extra days very busy. They hope soon to
hire someone full time.
Bruno Muller, a native of Baccarat, was educated at the hotel school in Metz, before
join the college Stanislas de Villers-les-Nancy. "I am a kitchen with fresh products,
Regional cuisine and a bit depending on what goes through my head, "says the chef. "
I observe trends and adapt them. "
Wines by the glass accompanied a short board, scalable and well built. The menus are
20 or 24 €, but prices of the dishes and desserts can not exceed
necessarily the 30 €. Maps of teas and coffees nicely complement the ensemble.
La Petite cuillère a déjà tout d'une grande...
• La Petite cuillère, 123 Grande Rue, à Nancy,
Jean-Charles VERGUET
Bruno Muller and Faustine Couteau-Parisot welcome you with  La Petite Cuillère au 123 Grande Rue, à Nancy, from Thursday noon to Monday evening from 11:45 to 14:00 and from 18:45 to 23:00. Book at