Jar of foie gras, chutney and plum small gingerbread .17 €.
Maureen dung with prosciutto and pickled vegetables, so burger.9 €.
Crumble frogs and mushrooms poêlées.16 €.
Brioche snails from Burgundy with mushrooms persillés.16 €.
Camembert golden color. 9 € .
Spoon salad: smoked duck breast, smoked salmon, foie gras, eggs, nuts, salad, vinegar framboise.15 €.
Foie gras with raspberry vinegar and pear pochée.18 €.
Liege lobster and smoked salmon in tomato confit espuma. 17 €.
Munster carpaccio flambé with marc de Gewurztraminer and mesclun.9 €.