Menu 36€                                                        Cocktail
Entries choice
Board sausages Lorraine (Farm Haffner).
Spring rolls and coriander prawns on mango juice.
Wrap with cream cheese, smoked salmon, lime and dill.
Corolle frogs in parsley whipped.
Smoked duck breast carpaccio with apple tatin.
Small pie with brie.
Bruchetta goat with red pesto.
The food choice
Chef's suggestions.
Flank beef and pepper sauce.
Parmentier duck and pickled onions.
Rabbit strive for mushroom sauce.
Crumble tenderloin with chanterelles.
Lamb shank confit with spices from the sun.
Dome salmon on sauerkraut bed.
Desserts choice
Dessert of the day.
Cheesecake with rhubarb.
Lemon Pie reversed.
Panna cotta with roasted plums.
Creme brulee with vanilla.
Chocolate cake and raspberries.
Sundae with red fruit and meringue.
GailGaillac Château Clément Termes 2009 rouge et blanc, 1 bouteille pour trois personnes
Eau minérale plate ou gazeuse 1L pour 4 personnes
Café Nespresso